Sauna & Strip Party

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Half - Naked waitresses serve you dinner - this will make your eyes pop out !

Enjoy the ultimate naked dining experience, relax and feel the heat of the Sauna, be invigorated by the hot steaming bubbles of the warm jacuzzi whilst sipping on a glass of cold bubbly.

What’s included ?

English speaking female guide, 2 hour private Deluxe Sauna, 2 strippers for 15 min. show, private lockers, towels, 2 beers per.person, snack plate,topless waitress, private bar and private barman, jaguzzi, TV’S with all VIASAT channels available ( entertainment, sport, football etc. ) Sauna has a cosy smoke room where you can relax and smoke shisha. Package includes free entry to the strip club and one free private dance for the groom.

Minimum group size 8 people.