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Would you like to feel like a soldier for a day, feel the experience of warfare, and make strategic decisions on the battlefield? Whilst you are surrounded by whistling bullets, bursting bomb's, dangerous catches, merciless enemies..... For this experience you don't need to go too far - just play paintball in old abandoned Russian military bases near to Tallinn. Special military cover clothing, protective mask, semiautomatic paintball gun - it's all for your use, with tips from professional instructors. Are you ready to overcome your fears? Find solutions in critical situations? Get double dose of adrenalin? Yes? Well this is definitely for you then! Paintball is a team game played with painted balls and special guns. Paintball can also be played in the court that is located in the centre of Tallinn. Both natural landscape and an area covered with buildings (e.g. a former military base) may serve as the court of the game. 


What’s included ?

Transfer to and from the venue, English speaking guide, safety equipment,uniform, mask, gloves, semi-automatic paintball gun, 300 balls for start, complimentary beers on the venue and professional instructors.