Motor Paintball

Worldclass Service,  Excellent Value,  Private Local Tour Guides, 24/7 Customer Service 


This is like paintball but with a twist, our motor paintball is new experience that is truly different, why walk on the course when you can do it in style at the wheel of an old Russian car. Outwit and out drive your opponents, make tactical moves and feel adrenalin rush as your splatter the enemy mercilessly. Each car holds up to 4 shooters including the driver, paintball - bus holds up to 6 shooters.   


What’s included ?

Transfer to and from the venue, English speaking  guide, safety equipment, camouflage outfit, mask, gloves, semi-automatic paintball gun, cars, 300 balls per. person to start the game and professional English speaking instructors, complimentary beers on the venue !