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What better way to let the Stag enjoy his last weekend of freedom than by setting

him up with the ultimate prank.

The activity starts with our guided bar crawl where the group will enjoy the liveliest

bars in Tallinn, during the bar crawl our local Police will turn up and arrest the Stag

for some misdemeanour, he will be taken away and interrogated in the Police Car!

Meanwhile our guide will take the rest of the group to the Lap dancing club for a few

beers while they worry about the demise of their mate.

Following his ‘interrogation’ the Police will then take the Stag to the Lap dancing club

via the backdoor where he will be handcuffed to a lapdancing pole, undressed by the

club’s Strippers, totally humiliated and at the girls’ mercy while his mates are there to

witness the show……………..time for a few chosen photo’s perhaps!!

*We use real local off duty Estonian Police for this activity*

* We are flexible and can offer different scenarios if required*