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Our karting centre is the most modern indoor- outdoor karting centre in the Baltic States offering exciting events all year round.

The racers shall arrive approximately 15 minutes before the fixed starting time so that there would be enough time to put on the racing equipment (overalls, helmet, helmet stocking cap, gauntlets) offered by the Karting Centre. The track and the rules for correct and safe use of the karts will be introduced at the gathering before the competition. The driver can first get acquainted with the kart and the track at the warm-up drive. In the following qualification race the starting placing of the finals is determined. If there are many groups, the ones, who reach the finals, shall be determined in the semi-finals. The final starts, when the green light says go, and the race is finished by the finish flag. Our karts have been supplied with an individual timing system, which gives the racer exact information about the time of each driven lap right after crossing the finish line. The displays have been installed on the steering wheel.

What’s included ?

Return private transfers, kart hire, safety equipment, track time, English speaking guide, champagne for the winners !