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The precise beginnings of Curling will always be a mystery but the game is thought to have originated in late medieval times in Scotland where it was played on frozen lakes. Often described as ‘lawn bowling’ on ice, the game is now an Olympic sport and is played by two teams of four players on a rectangular sheet of specially prepared ice. The object of the game is to slide heavy, polished granite stones down the ice towards a target called a ‘house’ aiming to get the stone as close as possible to the centre ‘button’. Curling is a very tactical game that encourages players to adopt strategies and use their best judgment to outplay their opponents, it is also a game of etiquette where pre match handshakes, conceding a bad shot and the winning team buying the post match drinks, is all in the ‘Spirit of Curling’.   


Our activity takes place at the biggest Ice arena in Tallinn which houses 5 Curling sheets, together with all necessary game equipment. In addition the arena also offers dressing rooms, lockers, a sauna and cafeteria   


What’s included ?

Transfer to and from the venue, 2 hour curling, English speaking guide, all necessary equipment for the game, internationally licensed English speaking instructor.